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plastic double-track bobbin clip with 20+ bobbin capacity, shown empty

Bobbin Clip

SKU: 1992701740

This extremely simple but effective bobbin storage track can hold 20-30 bobbins (depending on bobbin type). Bobbins simply snap into the rounded channel and won't unwind or roll away. An excellent rack to keep your bobins organized on a tray or in a drawer... 

• 15 x 4.4 x 1.6cm (6" x 1¾" x⅝")

  • Pro Tips:

    The Bobbin Clip fits perfectly in the oblong pocket of the Vivace Craft/Accessories Tote (You'll know it if you have one!). Keep one Bobbin Clip loaded with a selection of your most-used colours, and another with embroidery bobbinfil so you alway have a ready bobbin at hand!

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