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Nifty Notions brand transparent  11-inch x 17-inch cutting mat

Nifty Notions™ Transparent Cutting Mat 11" x 17"

SKU: 1992701392

The Nifty Notions Transparent Cutting Mat's size makes it a portable option for classes and retreats, and its transparency allows for direct cutting when placed over a lightpad. 

grid 12" x 16", overall 13" x 17"

  • Care Instructions:

    • Store flat, away from heat and out of direct sunlight; avoid storing in cold temps as mat can become brittle
    • Intended for rotary cutting; fixed-blade knife blades may damage mat
    • Keep your mat clean and lint-free using our Mat Maintainer; then wash as needed with a mild-dishwashing detergent in tepid water. Rinse well also with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly bfore using again.
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