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swatch chart of Hologram heat transfer material available colours

Hologram Heat Transfer Material


Hologram heat transfer material has a high-gloss, super-shiny prism-like finish offering a rainbow effect. The image shifts with movement, creating a distinctive visual effect. Effective as a contrast, this also looks fantastic tone-on-tone! Rated 50 washes plus.

• material composition: polyester

• 50cm (20") wide

• rated 50+ washes

• priced per metre

• out-of-stock colours available for pre-order

  • Instructions for Use:

    Preparation & Cutting:

    1. Place Hologram on cutting mat carrier-side down.
    2. Cut desired design(s) in reverse (mirror imaged). For optimal cutting and weeding, maintain a minimum line thickness of 1/16”.
    3. Weed excess material away, leaving only desired graphic on carrier.


    1. Preheat garment 10 seconds to remove moisture/wrinkles.
    2. Position weeded design on garment right-side up. Cover with press cloth/press sheet and heat apply as follows:
      • Temperature: 320°F (160°C)
      • Time: 10-15 seconds
      • Pressure: firm
      • Peel: cold
  • Additional Info:

    Care Instructions:

    • Turn garment inside-out, machine wash warm or hot using mild detergent; no bleach. Hang dry; do not dry-clean.


    • Store cool and dry; avoid direct heat, sunlight, humidity.


  • Pro Tips:

    • Hologram requires a firmer cutting pressure; test to ensure a correct kiss-cut.
    • Hologram is rigid enough to cut well on craft-cutting machines, even without its carrier. Save usable-sized scraps and stick them to the mat fuzzy side up, then cut out the shapes you want (don't reverse the image). Place and heat press as usual, using a pressing sheet, of course!
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