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blue gridded silicone embroidery Hooping Mat by DIME

DIME Hoop Mat

SKU: 1992703130

The Hoop Mat by Designs in Machine Embroidery is a silicone mat with a grippy, non-skid hooping surface. Its printed grid makes it easy to find the centerpoint of any size or brand of hoop, and allows you to instantly measure by simply placing the hoop down on the mat. Not a pressing or cutting surface.

    • printed grid 56x41cm (22x16")

    • mat size 59x43cm (23x17")

    • Instructions for Use:

      1. Place the Hoop Mat on a flat work surface
      2. Center the outer ring (standard hoop) or bottom metal frame (Snap Hoop Monster) on the mat's grid
      3. Place stabilizer/fabric over the hoop
      4. Insert inner ring (standard hoop) or place magnetic top frame (Snap Hoop Monster) on the fabric/stabilizer
    • Helpful Tips:

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