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Aerosol spray bottle of Faultless brand Magic sizing

Faultless® Magic Light Finish Spray Sizing

SKU: 1992701901

Faultless Magic Light Finish Spray Sizing makes ironing much faster and easier. It quickly removes wrinkles and imparts body to fabrics without the stiffness of starch, leaving a fresh, smooth appearance - truly a "Magic Finish". The light body finish makes clothes look and feel new again. It is great for cotton, wools, synthetics, blends - essentially any washable fabric. Provides a professional look with a fresh clean scent and odor-neutralizing technology.
• 20 oz. per can

​​​​​​​• please note: this product for pickup only (not shippable)

  • Instructions for Use:

    1. Line up the nozzle with the red dot.
    2. Shake gently, then tilt slightly (never more than 45° from an upright position) and, from a distance of 6″ – 10″ from garment, press nozzle firmly and spray fabric lightly and evenly.
    3. Allow a few seconds for the sizing to absorb into the fabric, then press with a dry iron set at the apprppriate fabric temperature.
    4. Remove nozzle and rinse in warm water after every use. 


  • Hot Tip:

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