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Thermofilm™ Heat-Away Stabilizer

SKU: 1992703411

Thermofilm­™ is a clear, heat-removable, stabilizing film that can easily be torn away after embroidery, and small residues can completely be removed with a household iron. Also known as Trick Film, it's just the ticket for smooth fabrics and intricate embroideries when water-soluble stabilizer isn't ideal, and for double-sided projects where both sides of the stitching will remain visible.

• 50cm (20") wide

• priced per metre

  • Instructions for Use

    1. Back your base fabric with Thermofilm (rough side facing the fabric) and hoop, then embroider.
    2. Tear away any excess Thermofilm.
    3. Remove any remaining film residue from the embroidery with a dry household iron (no steam!). Important: iron in a circular motion. The film will melt into tiny balls that can simply be shaken off or brushed away.


    Important: use an iron only, not a heat press. The circular ironing motion is decisive for the disintegration of Thermofilm (and it prevents residues from sticking to the iron’s surface).

  • Additional Info:

    The smoother the fabric surface, the easier Thermofilm can be removed. It’s ideal for jersey, shirt and blouse fabrics, silk and denim.

    It’s not suitable for fibrous or high-pile materials as the film residues will stick to the loops during the ironing process. A suitable weight of water-soluble stabilzer is a better choice for plush or heavilt textured fabrics.

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