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LISTEN - Do You Want to Know a Secret?

Do you promise not to tell?


We have made great headway in adding products to our online store, and officially, our store isn't "ready" yet. But... unofficially? Well, feel free to poke around: click the placeholder pics below to sneak a peek at the in-stock and pre-orderable goodies that have been added so far. Remember, this is a work in progress, so changes, proofreading and additions are still being in the works, so if you notice something that doesn't look right (yet), let Liana know...

In the meantime - happy snooping! :) Oh - and if you want to shop, go ahead! We are (unofficially) ready for offline payment and Studio pickup.


(One last thing - we really won't hold it against you if you just can't keep this secret to yourself...)

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