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collection of all five sizes of Clover brand bias tape makers

Clover Bias Tape Makers

PriceFrom C$12.75

With the Clover Fusible Bias Tape Maker, it's easy to make bias tape (fusible or not) to perfectly coordinate with your project. Simply guide a strip of your chosen fabric through the Bias Tape Maker and fusible web tape (sold separately) through the lower slot and iron. There you have it—custom fusible bias tape all in one step! Omit the fusible layer and you can create instant bias tapes in minutes.

• available in assorted sizes

  • Preparation:

    Strip Cutting Sizes:

      Cotton-Weight Thinner Fabric
    6mm (¼") cut bias strips
    12mm (½") wide
    cut bias strips
    16mm (⅝") wide
    9mm (⅜") cut bias strips
    18mm (¾") wide
    cut bias strips
    22mm (⅞") wide
    12mm (½") cut bias strips
    25mm (1") wide
    cut bias strips
    28mm (1⅛") wide
    18mm (¾") cut bias strips
    35mm (1⅜") wide
    cut bias strips
    40mm (1⅝") wide
    25mm (1") cut bias strips
    48mm (1⅞") wide
    cut bias strips
    53mm (2⅛") wide

    For non-bias strips, cut cotton-weight strip widths on grain.

  • Instructions for Use:

    To Make the Bias Tape:

    • Guide heat-sensitive tape (paper-backed fusible web tape) into the straight slot and towards the narrow end of the tool, adhesive side-down.
    • Pin-feed (or use an awl to push) pre-cut fabric into the U-shaped groove, pulling it through the small end.
    • Pulling the bias strip and fusble together, secure in place by pinning to your ironing board. 
    • Gently pull the Bias Tape Maker away from the pinned end, following it with your iron to press the fabric folds and fuse the web simultaneously. 


    To make traditional bias tape, follow the steps above, omitting the fusible web.



    • for 1⁄4″ & 3⁄8″ bias, use 5mm fusible web
    • for 1⁄2″, 3⁄4″ & 1″ bias, use 10mm fusible web.


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