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package of Mountain Mist brand face mask filter material

Mountain Mist® DIY Face Mask Filter Media

SKU: 1992703038
1 Meter

Mountain Mist DIY Face Mask Filter Media provides an added layer of protection to homemade and store-bought face masks. It’s the same 100% polypropylene needle-punched material that Mountain Mist sells to commercial face mask producers (i.e. medical, dust, paint, etc). It's breathable, high-efficiency filter media that's easy to use and machine washable. The material contains an electrical charge to capture particles in the air. Use the filter media as an inside/interfacing layer of a sewn mask or as a removable filter for pocketed masks. Typically, each pack has enough material to make approximately 108 filters sized 4”x6”.

• 100% polypropylene

• packaged 60x182cm (24"x3y)

  • Care Instructions:

    • Machine washable – lay flat to dry. To iron, use low heat and a pressing cloth for best results.
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