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Sticky Hoop by DIME for Brother/Babylock 130mm x 180mm

DIME Sticky Hoop (Brother/Babylock)

PriceFrom C$90.95

The Sticky Hoop by Designs In Machine Embroidery provides an ideal foundation for "hoopless" embroidery. Its flat metal frame provides ample surface to securely adhere sticky stabilizer, and its low sideless profile offers easy access for trimming appliqué and other in-the-hoop projects! And, its mounting bracket is compatible with your machine's hoop sensors, so your machine will "know" exactly which size hoop is being used.

Package Contents:

• Sticky Hoop frame

• 25 pre-cut sheets Peel 'n Stick

• 4 adhesive centering rulers

  • Instructions for Use:

    How to use Sticky Hoop

    1. Remove the protective paper from the Peel 'n Stick adhesive stabilizer.
    2. Place the metal frame wrong side up and finger-press the sticky side of the stabilizer to the wrong side of the metal frame.
    3. Turn the hoop right side up.
    4. Place your item on the adhesive stabilizer, attach the frame to the machine and stitch the design.
  • Additional Info:

    Snap Hoop Monster Owners - Please Note

    The Sticky Hoop frame and Snap Hoop Monster frames are not interchangeable. Each has been designed to perform its intended task efficiently and smoothly. Applying adhesive to the bottom of Snap Hoop Monster will remove the hoop’s ability to glide effortlessly across the machine bed. Conversely, The Sticky Hoop frame should ONLY be used with adhesive applied to the back of the frame.

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