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Unique brand fray stop adhesive, 4oz bottle in retail package

Unique® Fray Stop™

SKU: 1992701495

Fray Stop is a colourless liquid-plastic seam-sealant that reinforces fabric fibres to help prevent fraying, unraveling, and thread slippage. Ideal for taming edges for applique, narrow hems, loosely woven fabrics and more.

• 60mL (2 fl.oz)

  • Additional Info:

    Instructions for Use:

    1. Be sure item to be treated is clean, and loose threads are trimmed.
    2. Remove top from bottle spout; squeeze bottle gently to dispense small amount of Fray Stop to area being treated (apply sparingly to fine fabrics, slightly more generously to heavier fabrics). Recap bottle; keep capped when not in use.
    3. Allow treated farbic to dry completely (15-30 minutes) to prevent staining, then press with low heat (synthetic setting) to set adhesive.

    Adhesive may feel slightly stiff when dried; this will disappear after laundering. 

  • Pro Tips:

    • saturate the fabric between buttonhole beads, allow to dry and press before cutting buttonholes (with a buttonhole chisel!) for perfect, clean-looking buttonholes
    • apply a generous drop to the knots of thread holding buttons to strengthen their security.
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