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colour chart of available Glitter Flake heat transfer material

Glitter Flake™ Heat Transfer Material


Create brilliant designs that sparkle and shine with Glitter Flake textured glitter heat transfer vinyl. Safe for use on children's clothing (no flaking!), this medium is an excellent choice for the spotlight or the sidelines, sportswear or a fashion statement. Who doesn't love a bit of glitz?

• material composition: polyurethane

• 50cm (20") wide

• rated 50+ washes

• priced per metre

• out-of-stock colours available for pre-order

  • Instructions for Use:

    Preparation & Cutting:

    1. Place Glitter Flake on cutting mat carrier-side down.
    2. Cut desired design(s) in reverse (mirror imaged). For optimal cutting and weeding, maintain a minimum line thickness of 1/16”
    3. Weed excess material away, leaving only desired graphic on carrier.


    1. Preheat garment 10 seconds to remove moisture/wrinkles.
    2. Position weeded design on garment right-side up. Cover with press cloth/press sheet and heat apply as follows:
      • Temperature: 290°F-302°F (143°C-150°C)
      • Time: 10-12 seconds
      • Pressure: medium
      • Peel: hot
  • Additional Info:

    Care Instructions:

    • Turn garment inside-out, machine wash warm or hot using mild detergent; no bleach. Dry at normal setting. Do not dry clean.


    • Store cool and dry; avoid direct heat, sunlight, humidity.


  • Pro Tips:

    • Due to its thickness, cuts made in Glitter Flake may be difficult to see to weed. To make it easier, use a weeding box!
    • Use your machine's draw option to outline your design on the Glitter Flake before cutting with a lightly-contrasting marker; then you can see exactly where to weed!
    • Glitter Flake cuts amazingly well on craft-cutting machines, even without its carrier. Save usable-sized scraps and stick them to the mat sparkly side up, then cut out the shapes you want (don't reverse the image). Place and heat press as usual, using a pressing sheet, of course!
    • Glitter Flake is Rip Away Appliqué friendly—ask us about it!
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