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Heirloom brand air-erasable (vanishing) fabric marker in retail package

Heirloom® Air-Erasable Fabric Marker

SKU: 1992701646

This fine-point felt-tipped fabric marker holds "temporary ink" solution that provides a clean purple line to mark most fabrics, and disappears in 12-24 hours (depending on the ambient humidity). Any mark that doesn't disappear on its own may be easily washed out by rubbing with a water-moistened cloth. The clear barrel allows you to gauge the remaining "ink".

  • Additional Info:

    Test marker on a spare swatch of your fabric before using. 

    1. Mark lightly on worng side of fabric.
    2. Marks will normally disappear in withing 12-24 hours. To immediately remove marking, rub lightly with well-moistened cloth. 
    3. Do not iron over marked area until marks are completely removed.
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