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Hoop Grip textured tape for wrapping embroidery hoops shown in retail package

Hoop Grip™ by Bear Thread Designs

SKU: 1992701921

Hoop Grip is textured adhesive tape designed to be applied to your embroidery hoops to prevent fabric slippage.
• 1/4" x 9 yards

  • Instructions for Use:

    1. Peel 6" of yellow liner from the white grippy tape.
    2. Adhere sticky side of grippy tape to outside edge of inner hoop.
    3. Peeling back short lengths (6" or so) of the liner at a time, continue to stick the grippy tape around the perimeter of the hoop until it meets up with the start point and trim* flush. (when trimming, cut the grippy tape only, then trim the liner to leave a 1" pull-tab to make it easy to separate the tape and liner on your next application!)
  • Pro Tips:

    Hoop Grip isn't only for embroidery hoops! Use it:

    • to prevent rulers from slipping while cutting fabric...
    • on the bottom of your foot control so it "stays put"...
    • on anything else you want to prevent slip slippage.
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