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500m spool of white Mettler 100% cotton mercerized thread

Mettler® Silk-Finish Cotton Thread


Mettler's Silk-Finish Cotton 50 is a high-quality, two-ply htread made from 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. It delivers consistently excellent results for piecing, quilting, decorative work, and more. As a result of the mercerization process during manufacture, it has a subtle sheen and is gentle on skin, feels soft, smooth, and silk-like. In addition, that process greatly reduces shrinkage and makes it very strong and heat-resistant.

• brand designation: ART.-NR. 9104 No. 50

• 500m cross-wound spools

• linear density: ca. Nm 56/2 (dtex 186*2)

• core-4 colours in stock

• available colors for this put-up: 75
• needle size recommendation: 70/10 to 80/12

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