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angled side view of Nifty Notions brand craft laser and level

Nifty Notions™ Portable Laser Guide

SKU: 1992701394

​​​​No need to mark your fabric when cutting a straight line. Nifty Notions Laser to project a light-line on your fabric to use as a cutting line, hooping guide for embroidery, or alignment marker for heat printing placement. Two built-in levels mean you can also use it for hanging wall-art. So nifty!

• requires two AAA batteries, not included

  • Instructions for Use:

    For Cutting fabric:

    1. Place fabric on cutting board.
    2. Turn on your Nifty Notions laser and place its alignment notch at the end of your cutting line.
    3. Target the laser light to the desired start point.
    4. Cut along the red laser cutting line projected from the Nifty Notions Laser.
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