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package of Organ brand 130/705H anti-glue embroidery needle size 75/11

Organ® Anti-Glue Needles 130/705H-ELP

SKU: 1992701687

Organ Sewing Machine Needles are high-quality, precisely manufactured and well-respected worldwide in manufacturing. Anti-Glue Embroidery Needles are, first and foremost, Embroidery needles (same light ball point and unique scarf) with added Lubricant Plating (LP) that reduces glue build-up on the needle. Organ anti-glue embroidery home machine needles are compatible with systems 15x1, PFx130, HAx1SP, HAx1GT, HAx1ST and 130/705H.

• size 75/11

• 5 needles per package

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