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Perfect Embroidery press cloth by OESD in retail packaging

OESD™ Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth

SKU: 1992701159

This lofty press cloth is a premium tool for all your embroidery and sewing projects. Its loft prevents embroidery from getting crushed while pressing the embroidered fabric smooth and flat. It works the same way to accommodate bulky seams and eliminate "seam impression" on your projects. It also absorbs steam to set a perfectly-pressed finish. Easy-to-use and easy-to-maintain, the OESD Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth can be used over and over. It will rapidly become your favourite pressing aid. 

• 100% viscose, approximately 20" x 20"

  • Instructions for Use:

    For Embroidered Fabric:

    1. Remove any excess stabilizer.
    2. If desired, spray the right side of the fabric with a clear (non-flaking) starch. 
    3. Place press cloth on ironing surface; set embroidery face-down onto press cloth.
    4. Press from back side, using steam and pressure where appropriate to smooth out wrinkles; the thickness of the press cloth will protect the embroidery's texture.
    5. Allow fabric to cool in place before lifting; if more pressing is needed, move embroidery to fresh area of press cloth.


    Cloth Maintenance:

    After many uses, the presscloth may become compressed or less effective. Starch buildup may also affect its efficacy:

    1. Refresh cloth by washing in warm water using only a mild detergent and no fabric softener (fabric softener will reduce its steam absorbency).
    2. Allow to air-dry; no not place in dryer.
  • Pro Tips:

    • This presscloth is a batting look-alike, but it isn't batting! Decoratively serge around its edge (or monogram a corner?) to make it easy to identify as your embroidery press cloth.
    • Designed for, but not limited to embroidery: Try using the Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth as a traditional press cloth (place project right-side up on your ironing surface and place the press cloth over top of the project before pressing). Or...
    • Try using it with quilt blocks—the loft of the Perfect Embroidery Press Cloth is perfect for accommodating bulky seams!
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