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two Grabbit brand Pin Place / Scissor Spots suctioned to a sewing machine, holding pins and scissors

Grabbit® Pin Place™ / Scissor Spot™

SKU: 1992701414

This convenient magnet holds your pins, scissors or other small tools securely but accessibly ready to grab! Fastens to your sewing machine or other surface by simply pressing the suction cup into place.

  • Additional Info:

    If your machine has a textured surface and the suction cup doesn't adhere well to it, apply the smooth sticker (included in the package) as directed to create a better base for the suction.

  • Pro Tips:

    Pin Place Needle ButlerNeed a quick and easy way to remember what needle is in your machine? The Pin Place (Scissor Spot) is an ideal butler to serve up that information! Simply use its included suction cup to fasten the magnetic holder to your machine, and then pop your current needle packet onto the magnet. Keep it easy, keep it simple!

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