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Studio Collection brand 36-inch by 59-inch gridded cutting mat shown flat

Studio Collection Pinnable Cutting Mat

SKU: 1992701022

Turn your hobby table into the largest cutting surface in your house with the Studio Collection Pinnable Cutting Mat! High-quality, low-density Polyethylene is cut-resistant yet can be pinned into to hold fabrics securely. Simple grid layout keeps cutting lines clean. Oversize numbering printed outside the cutting grid is easily visible while cutting. Yardage numbers on top and bottom allow for easy cutting of the most common sizes.

• printed grid 33" x 56", overall mat size 36" x 59"

  • Care Instructions:

    • Store flat, away from heat and out of direct sunlight; avoid storing in cold temps as mat can become brittle
    • Intended for rotary cutting; fixed-blade knife blades may damage mat
    • Keep your mat clean and lint-free using our Mat Maintainer; then wash as needed with a mild-dishwashing detergent in tepid water. Rinse well also with lukewarm water and dry thoroughly bfore using again.
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