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Presto Sheer® Fusible Interfacing

Presto Sheer® Fusible Interfacing


Presto-Sheer is pre-shrunk, lightweight woven fusible interfacingthe perfect choice for fine fabrics, adding body and stabililty without affecting the drape or "hand" of a fabric. 

• 100% cotton

• 90cm (35") wide

• priced per metre

  • Instructions for Use:

    1. Place fabric to be interfaced wrong-side up on ironing board; top with Presto Sheer (glus side to wrong side of fabric).
    2. Top with an evenly dampened presscloth
    3. Press firmly with iron at cotton setting 20 seconds. Lift iron, move and repeat fusing steps in sections until all area is properly fused. 

    Note: Fusibles shuld be "pressed" into place, not "ironed". Do not sweep the iron over the fabric; this casues distortion and doesn't allow consistent bonding time for the fusible adhesive. Additionally, (especially with fine fabrics) avoid "shooting" steam from the iron when fusing as is can force the adhesive though the fabric  and make it visible on the right side. The dampness from the presscloth is sufficient.


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