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package of Schmetz brand stretch needles, size 75/11

Schmetz® Stretch Needles 130/705H-S


Schmetz is a world leader in the manufacture of sewing machine needles. 130/705H-S Stretch Needles have a medium ballpoint, specially designed eye and scarf prevent skipped stitches and damage to highly elastic knitwear, especially fabrics containing spandex/Lycra®.

• assorted sizes available

• 5 needles per pack

  • Additional Info:

    Have you noticed?

    The needles in each package (since August 2013) have a coloured band across the neck; this coding makes it easy to identify the needle type and size. Download Schmetz's Colour Code Chart to post in your sewing room as a quick and easy reference.

    Schmetz also has a handy Needle Guide to help you match the right neede to your project sewing. 

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