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sulky fuse n stitch package label

SULKY® Fuse 'n Stitch™ Cutaway Stabilizer

SKU: 1992701481

Sulky Fuse 'n Stitch is a heavy cut-away stabilizer characterized by its permanent fusible layer and precision dot coating that offers firm, clean, bubble-free adhering. Its grid-like structure folds a crisp edge. Perfect for projects that need extra stiffness and retained support, especially dense and high-stitch-count designs. Use it on home décor items, purses, fabric bowls, wing-needle work and more. You can use as an iron-on permanent interfacing, too. 

• 100% polyester

• 2.5oz spec weight

• white 51cm (20") wide

• priced per metre

  • Instructions for Use:

    1. Press fabric to be stabilized to smooth it and make it more receptinve to the bonding agent.
    2. Using a hot iron setting appropriate to the fabric, apply the Fuse 'n Stitch shiny side down to the wrong side of your fabric.
    3. Use light pressure to press each area 12 to 15 seconds without moving the iron. 
  • Additional Info:

    • Use Fuse 'n Stitch for any project where you want permanent, added support or a firmer working foundation.
    • Use only on fabric that can be ironed with a hot temperature setting. Aways pre-test.
    • Two or mor lyaers of Fuse 'n Stitch may be used for an even firmer foundation.
    • Bond will cure in about 24 hours and become permanent. Fuse 'n Stitch is intended to be permanent and non-removable. Do not launder until bond has cured. 
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