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Unique brand sewing jumper height compensator tool in retail package

Unique® Sewing Jumper

SKU: 1992701447

Reduces skipped, uneven stitches and broken needles when sewing bulky seams. Great for hemming and sewing over thick cross-seams on jeans, drapes and other heavy layered fabrics. Keeps presser foot flat and horizontal for even feeding and consistent stitching. Each end is a differnent depth for handling different fabric thicknesses. Compatible with all machines.

  • Instructions for Use:

    1. Place sewing machine presser foot down on bulky seam; note height of foot.
    2. Raise presser foot and slide jumper end of appropriate depth under the back of the foot with its "toes" pointing forward. Slide it forward until it buts up with the bulky seam. Lower the presser foot; it should be level across jumper and seam.
    3. Slowly sew over bulky area, shifting jumper as necessary to retain level presser foot posotion, until past the area of bulk.
    4. Remove jumper and continue with remainder of seam. 
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