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counter display of Wonderfil Brand Ahrora glow-in-the-dark thread

Wonderfil® Ahrora™ Glow-in-the-Dark Thread


This fun thread line is designed to glow brightly in the dark! Ahrora by Wonderfil can be used on anything from art quilts to costumes to embroidery, and is a "funtastic" way to add another dimension to any project. Just switch off the lights to see your stitching light up! Leave it in the sun or under a bright light to recharge for a stronger glow.

• available in 8 colours

• 100% polyester, 40-wt

• 183m (200y) per spool

  • Additional Info:


  • Additional Info:

    Recommended Machine Needle Size:

    • 80/12 Topstitch
    • 80/12 Non-Stick (Anti-Glue)
    • 90/14 Quilting
    • 100/16 (Longarm machines)

    Recommended Hand Needle Size:

    • assorted hand embroidery
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