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spool of Wonderfil brand Rinse 'n Gone water soluble thread

Wonderfil® Rinse 'n Gone™ Water Soluble Thread

SKU: 1992703320

Rinse 'n Gone by Wonderfil is an innovative, time-saving thread and a favorite for basting hems, positioning zippers and pockets, ease stitching, and any temporary placement. Simply rinse the project in room temperature water or brush with a wet toothbrush to make it disappear!

• 100% washaway polyester, 40-wt

• 183m (200y) per spool

  • Additional Info:

    Recommended Machine Needle Size:

    • 80/12 Topstitch
    • 80/12 Non-Stick (Anti-Glue)

    Recommended Hand Needle Size:

    • #10 Sharp
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